Ocean Grande Resort. A Paradise where you can play like a champion.

The Ocean Grande Resort is situated on sought after ocean and seafront international properties.. Set against stunning backdrops offering endlessly breaking waves, each truly unique resort provides integrated hospitality services and outstanding customer-friendly regional service. Blending cultures with an international clientele, the Ocean Grande offers a chic atmosphere with a vibrant tropical mix of graceful living, charmed hospitality, and fabulous dining. Combining modern elegance with the opportunities to experience the local culture, the serene vista is available to fortunate residents, holiday guests, sports-focused patrons, and beachside diners. Guests feel like full time residents and residents feel like permanent guests.


Ocean Grande Hotel

Offering unparalleled hospitality, the Ocean Grande Hotel stands elegantly near the beach amidst lush landscaped courtyards

Ocean Grande Villas and Casitas

Framing the horizon with its beautiful turquoise waters, private Ocean Grande Casitas dot the spectacular natural environment of the Resort Locale

Ocean Grande Residences

Located in an idyllic and secluded natural setting, Ocean Grande Residences are the ultimate in resort living for the region of the property.